Cargo Claim Form

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Cargo Claim Form

Initial Notice of Claim - Very Important  {this protects your insurer's recovery rights}

Failure to take this action may jeopardize your claim.
An initial Notice of Claim must be faxed immediately to:

1.  the company or carrier who issued the Bill of Lading/air waybill or their local agents
2.  the airline who discharged cargo at the country of destination
3.  the road delivery carrier should there be any evidence or indication that they may have caused, or contributed to, the damage.

Receipt of Goods
1.  Always inspect thoroughly for damage.
2.  Short Delivery - Count the packages
3.  Do not give a clean receipt - Endorse the delivery docket as "Goods Damaged".
4.  Re-taped packaging is a sure sign of pilferage - check contents.

1.  Unpack or open packaging to inspect goods as soon as possible for hidden damage.
2.  Keep packaging for inspection

Joint Survey
1.  A member of will call the Carrier and invite them to a joint survey inspection our surveyor.

Minimise Loss
1.  Take such reasonable action to prevent further loss.  Act as though you were uninsured.

You will find the
Initial Claim Form here.

Call for assistance in filing your Cargo claim. 1-800-303-2591