Additional Living Expense (ALE) Claim

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Additional Living Expense (ALE) Claim


The first decision you have to make after a fire is where you and your family will stay tonight. What about tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Where will you get the additional money needed to pay for a hotel and meals in restaurants?

Most policies pay for the extra living expenses you incur because of the fire. You are entitled to be reimbursed for all additional money you spend to maintain your standard of living. This includes (if needed), the added cost of meals out, a temporary home equal to not less than your home, rental furniture, utility transfers, etc. The insurance policy provides many benefits, but only if you know what you are entitled to and you actually claim them. will be a great help to you in this area. We will make arrangements to get you into a hotel immediately and begin the process of finding you a temporary home. We will coordinate between relocation services and the insurance company. We will read your policy and explain the benefits available to you. We will tell you what you are entitled to, how to use and claim these benefits, and what documentation you will need to substantiate your claim for these benefits. Just give us the receipts and we will assemble this part of your claim for you. You have enough to do just taking care of yourself and your family!

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