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utilizes our professional competencies, consulting experience and expertise to generate numerous benefits for the clients. These benefits create a significant competitive edge, positioning Kenneth Browne at PublicAdjusters.com as the first choice when dealing with any size or type of claim – whether from a catastrophic event like a hurricane, tornado, flood or wild fire, to a small claim like water damage from a broken pipe. Here are only a few of our advantages:

  • PublicAdjusters.com' Kenneth Browne outperforms on any size claim. Our administration of your claim will enable you to focus on you, your job or career and your fast recovery, knowing that the negotiations with your insurance company are handled by our professional adjusting team who will work hard to maximize your insurance settlement.

  • Unfortunately, our country has been hit by many natural and unnatural disasters. By working with many of the people who were affected by these disasters, we have developed an extensive knowledge base and expertise in handling all sizes and types of claims. This is a significant advantage that enables the members of PublicAdjusters.com to offer exclusive, results-driven solutions in the settlement of your claim.li>

  • Specializing in insurance claims adjusting, our members are uniquely qualified to respond to the many aspects involved in assessing structural, property damage and business interruption claims. The extent of structural and property damages, especially business interruption claims is not always obvious.  That is why a comprehensive, detailed claim package is prepared for each claim, no matter what the extent of the damage is. Policyholders, particularly those who have very little or no experience are not familiar with preparing such complex claim packages. It is what’s contained in these claim packages that drives the claim to a successful conclusion.
  • The Adjusters at PublicAdjusters.com are are experts in evaluating catastrophic losses caused by earthquakes, floods, mudslides, firestorms, tornadoes, hurricanes and and a host of many other claim types we’ve identified on this website. The accurate analysis and evaluation can have a huge impact on your insurance claim and its future settlement.
  • PublicAdjusters.com takes great pride in its highly skilled and devoted personnel. Our members stand by to offer their best support and consultation services, working closely with you to assure information continuity and synergy between our efforts and yours to facilitate a positive end result on your claim.
  • Beyond the many outstanding qualities and professional advantages we have to offer, our professional Adjusters at PublicAdjusters.com are especially proud of their deep commitment and strong loyalty to its clients. Never compromising on excellence and perfectionism, our Adjusters do whatever it takes to be on our clients’ side, representing their interests and objectives when dealing with insurance companies..
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