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WELCOME members are "the insurance companies best-kept secret." We are the professionals for whom your insurance company will tell its claimants - "there is no reason to hire a public adjuster," "you are just throwing your money away," and “we will pay you the claim anyway.”

Do not be misled by claims of insurance company adjusters that you have already met or are about to meet.  They work for the insurance company; members of work only for you.

Whatever the problem, large or small, all homeowners, condominium associations, corporate, hotels, motels, or other businesses, if you  happen to need help with your claim, you should call a member of      

Serving FL, MS, LA, TX, GA, NC, SC, MD, NY, NJ, MN, VA, TN

Call Toll Free: 800-303-2591


 In business since 1992 and serving the public for 20 years, members of are experts in the fields of insurance claims administration, construction, engineering, inventory analysis, loss of use, and business interruption. They can assist in the resolution of losses, which will expedite the rebuilding of the economy, the environment, and the quality of life in areas that sustained a catastrophic loss and damage.

The member Public Adjusters and their experts are well seasoned in evaluating catastrophic losses such as earthquakes, floods, mudslides, firestorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes; having participated in many such events in the past, both in the United States and abroad.

The evidences of structural and other damages is not so obvious in many instances; particularly to those who have very little or no experience in the types of damages caused by such a catastrophic event. To expect even a well-experienced loss assessor, estimator, contractor, accountant, or other person to determine correctly and in detail the scope and extent of damages when they have never had prior experience, particularly with catastrophe losses, is not possible.

Keeping a pulse on costs and pricing for repair and/or replacement, which is steadily rising, is another major concern. Utilizing state-of-the-art computer systems with computerized estimating capabilities, inventory programs,  accounting software for inventories and business interruption claims, these tools are essential along with the necessary expertise and experience, which form the keys to a quick and equitable resolution of claims.  Our member adjusters offer these unique services to you, the insured.

Several of the major business entities and others have put their trust in our capabilities. Those clients that researched our experience for assistance with their claim, they soon realized that the services that hhe member adjusters provide is invaluable to them in terms of the detail in preparation, accurate assessment of damages, time, and final resolution of their claim.

Considering your insurer has engaged experts to represent their interests, shouldn't you consider having professional assistance in what is likely the largest single loss situation you shall ever experience?

A No Fee Guarantee
If there is no recovery, there is No fee


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