Claim Types

A Sampling of Claim Types We Handle

Claim Types

An insurance claim is a demand presented by a policy holder to their insurance company for damages they sustained as a result of a covered peril under the policy.  To start the process, you have to notify the company by giving them A Notice of Loss, describing the specific damage and what caused it.

After receiving your claim notice, the Insurance company will need to assess the overall circumstances and then decide whether to approve or deny the claim.  In fact, on many claims, this is where the trouble starts.  This is the area where personal interests conflict with your insurance company's interests.  While you'll attempt to get full reimbursement for the damages, the insurance company will do everything possible to minimize its exposure to your claim.

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There are many types of claims that our team of licensed and bonded Public Adjusters at team handle everyday.   For you, it's a rare or one-time occurrance, but for us it's an everyday challenge. That's why Kenneth Browne of Public is your best option for handling your insurance claim!

Among the most common risks we handle claims for are all Residential, Commercial, Institutional & Industrial Building Types, Business
and Personal Property, Retail Merchandise, Manufacturing, Marine, Industrial & Warehousing, Government, Institutional and
many more types of risks. The claim types we handle include all the perils listed below:

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