That’s right – hire a Public Adjuster and get a second opinion!

When Charles Phelps sustained damage from the wild fires that consumed half the town, he was sure his insurance company would cover replacing his partially-damaged roof, heat-damaged windows and the interior smoke damage to his home

But when the claims adjuster from his company arrived, the results weren't encouraging: The adjuster only wanted to spot patch 30% of the heat-damaged roof and the adjuster said, that he only needed to clean the windows, siding and deodorize the interior of his home.

Phelps wasn't convinced that was the case, but he wasn't sure what to do next. Then he had an idea: Why not hire someone with the expertise to evaluate the situation for him and the savvy to negotiate with his insurance company on his behalf?

"If you have something wrong medically, and you have an opinion from a doctor, if it's serious enough, why not get a second opinion?"

Employing an intermediary can mean letting the building contractor communicate with your insurance company -- or it can mean retaining a lawyer. But for some homeowners, it means hiring a "public adjuster," a little-known type of loss specialist devoted to helping policyholders

realize the full potential of their insurance policies.

"If you were getting a divorce, would you let your spouse's attorney tell you what you're entitled to?" asked Kenneth Browne, Chief Operating Officer of, a Florida-based company of public insurance adjusters and property-loss consultants.

As Mr. Browne see it, as a former company general adjuster, insurance companies' adjusters are expected to settle customers' claims with as little financial outlay as possible. They don't want the homeowner or business owner getting outside advice.

If you find yourself in this position, then you owe it to yourself to get your own Public Adjuster for a second opinion.Let “” show you what is wrong with what the insurance company gave you and let them get you back on the road to recovery.

As it turns out, Mr. Phelps was extremely happy he called. were hired and he was able to get a whole new roof, siding windows and 100% of his interior damage completely restored.

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