Hurricane Claim - Houston Police Officer got a second opinion on her Insurance Claim Dispute and she hired her own adjuster

A Houston Police officer hired an independent insurance adjuster with The Public Adjusters after her insurance company offered her only $6,067.67 for her windstorm insurance claim. When the insured called the insurance company to complain about the low settlements and being unable to rebuild, the in-house examiner told the insured, "Miss, you're just going to have to make do with our offer." Out of frustration the insured sought out our professional loss adjustment services. Our team of insurance experts assembled a claim, compiled new repair estimates, analyzed the fine print in her insurance policy and showed the examiner just how to "make do" and we were able to negotiate a favorable and fair insurance claim settlement for our client in the amount of $55,972.44. *There is often a large disparity between what an insurance company WANTS to pay and what they are contractually obligated to pay per the contract of insurance.

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